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Garages have lots of under-utilized space. They include awkward areas between and beside your cars that are too thin to allow for furniture or anything that might make it difficult to get out of your car. Yet the garage is also often one of the biggest rooms of the house. You probably want the ability to employ all that space.

You can do just that when you invest in storage cabinets for your garage. These tall shelves open up new opportunities in what might otherwise be an awkward space. When you add these to your home, you can also increase its value and get an outstanding return on your investment. Potential home buyers love added storage options, and they will pay to get them.

So how can you use garage cabinet organizers to whip your garage into shape? At Chicago Closets, we’ve installed many of them over the years in a range of sizes, shapes and materials. Here are a few of the tips we’ve garnered to help you maximize the usefulness of these new storage spaces.

Sort, Sort and Sort Some More

Before you have your garage cabinet organizers installed, you should have a good idea what you want to put there. Trust us: There’s nothing more frustrating than having something constructed that doesn’t fit your needs exactly.

Sorting for this purpose means going through all the stuff you have accumulated in the garage and deciding whether you want to keep it. What you do want to hold onto, you need to sort. Group similar items together, such as sports equipment and holiday decorations. It will be easier to find things when you put them all in one place.

Think about your goals for the garage:

  • Do you want organizers within the cabinets themselves?
  • Do you need drawers to go with the cabinets?
  • Do you want overhead storage as well?

The more stuff you have to store, the more cabinets you’ll need. People sometimes underestimate their needs, and they are left with beautiful cabinets that still can’t hold everything, which is why you should sort first.

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Choose the Right Material

Garages can be just as gorgeous as any other room in your home. If your garage has long been messy or downright dirty, you may not think of it as a place for good-looking displays or even high-end material. But the nicer you make your garage, the more likely you are to keep it clean and tidy.

Don’t be afraid to go with a nice material for your cabinets. You want them to look as though they came with the home. Down the road, this decision will help you when you sell the home to new buyers. Built-ins with a high-quality appearance help boost your resale value. You can also enjoy your cabinetry more when you know it’s sturdy and capable of supporting all the things you need to store there.

Highlight the Things You Love

Who says decorating is only for living rooms and bedrooms? We firmly believe in showing off your passions. If that means building a window box with something you love, such as your favorite sports team’s jersey or your favorite book from childhood, then do it. Homes should reflect your personality, and they should also be fun. Adding this bit of whimsy will make people smile, and it will help you enjoy your garage more.

What Type of Cabinets Can You Choose for Garage Storage?

Anything you can imagine, we can install in your garage. The sky is the limit in terms of creative use of space, customized installs and complementary organization systems. Here are just a few ideas you may want to explore:

  • Construct closet space for your outdoor gear: Do you love working outdoors in your garden? You probably have special shoes, gloves and maybe even jackets you wear outside. Let us build a custom closet to store this gear so thatit’s easy to access and stays in one piece.
  • Embrace two-tier cabinets: Make the most of your garage space by adding two levels of cabinets. Keep the things you need to access daily, such as tools or sports equipment, in the lower level. Store the stuff you don’t need to use as frequently — like holiday decorations — in the top cabinets. This strategy makes use of space that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Put counter space on top of cabinets: Many people enjoy tackling projects in their garages such as putting seeds in planters or fixing items that break. Wouldn’t you love to have space to spread your project out while you work? Adding counter space on top of your cabinets can allow you to do that. Choose what size counter you want, and have it customized to your needs.
  • Stowaway bulky sports equipment: Are you a skier, golfer or scuba diver? These fun sports come with a lot of bulky gear. It can be difficult to find closet space large enough to store it. When you get customized cabinetry, you can request a place specially made to hold this equipment. We can include hooks for hanging your skis, scuba masks or whatever special items you have.
  • Add organizers to each cabinet: Cabinets work most effectively when they have places for all the things you need to store. We can install organizing systems within your cabinets to help break up the space and encourage you to use it more efficiently. For instance, our cabinets can contain shelving, a rod to hang things on or bins to hold small pieces.
  • Make tall cabinets for yard equipment: Bulky rakes, hoes and hoses need special accommodations in your garage. Store them in a cabinet fashioned just for them, with hanging options to keep them off the ground.

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Enjoy Your New Customized Garage Storage Space

Garage storage should be practical, efficient and attractive. You’ll start thinking of your garage in a different way when it’s organized in a manner that helps you find things more quickly. After installation, you may just find that you spend more time in this area of the house, soaking up its newfound neatness. To see what type of cabinet options we can provide for you, get in touch with Chicago Closets for a free quote.


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