Treat Yourself to a New Custom Walk-In Closet in Huntley, IL

Why should you get a custom-built, walk-in closet? Here are a few reasons people choose to install walk-ins or buy organizing systems for existing ones:

  • Protection: They provide more space for your clothing, which means you can better protect your clothes. When clothing is packed too tightly into a closet, the chance of it being wrinkled or even torn or ripped increases. Take care of your clothing and give it space to hang freely.
  • Storage: Walk-ins offer room where you can store things you need in your bedroom or guest room, such as extra pillows and sheets, saving you a trip to the linen closet.
  • Organization: You can better organize your clothing with a built-in walk-in closet, using built-ins to store similar garments such as dress shirts, ties or sweaters. Having more space makes it easier to find things, too. That means no more rushing around in the morning trying to find clothes that match.
  • Increased Home Value: A walk-in closet is a luxury feature that can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. This can be particularly beneficial in a competitive market. Since these closets are desirable to prospective buyers, they are a good investment.
  • Convenience of Space: A large walk-in closet provides you with tons of space. This means you can easily try outfits on and move around the room. Moreover, you can even add mirrors and furniture, depending on the size of the room.

Uses of Walk-In Closets

Custom walk-in closets in Huntley, IL can be used for numerous applications. For instance, not only are they great for storage, but they also can be used to display clothing. You can beautifully display your shoe collection. You can also display and store your jewelry collection and other accessories. This makes it easy to see all your pieces and select the ones you want to wear for the day.

Additionally, a custom walk-in closet in Huntley, IL provides a private space for you to get dressed. Essentially, it acts as a dressing room, which can be beneficial if space is limited in your bedroom. What’s more, the closet can be shared between two people.

The Benefits of Chicago Closets’ Walk-In Closet Systems

Choosing Chicago Closets to install your new walk-in offers a number of advantages. We will come to your house to offer a free on-site consultation, where we use our 3D computer software to map out designs. You participate in this interactive experience, helping to build a closet space that meets all of your needs.

With our commitment to quality, you get a result you’ll adore. We offer a lifetime warranty on our closets. We also provide financing options for those who need them, putting a new closet within reach for any budget. And we use the very best materials on the market when we construct your walk-in or add built-ins.

Need your job done quickly? Our fast turnover time means installation in as little as 7 business days.