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Even if you don’t work a 9-to-5 job out of your home office, it’s where you manage your household’s most important financial, medical and educational documents. It’s also where kids do their homework, study, and take online classes.

No matter your office’s official use, you can’t get much done if it’s a cluttered mess! Here are a few simple ways to efficiently organize your home office.

Practice Cable Management

To reduce the number of cables cluttering your office space, put away or get rid of any electronic equipment you use infrequently or no longer use. Use as many wireless devices as possible, like your mouse, keyboard, and printer, to reduce cable clutter. Another option is a USB hub, which lets you plug several devices into your computer using just one USB cable.

Bind the remaining cables with cable ties, clamps, clips, or Velcro wraps so they stay in one place, out of your way. Route wires through the designated hole in your desk and ensure they’re against a wall and away from open areas of your floor.

Optimize Your Desk Space

The desk is where most or all the work gets done, so it is the most important element of creating a productive home office. Declutter the space by removing unnecessary papers and objects from the desktop. Only keep what is necessary, like your computer and a notepad, and stow everything else in bins or drawers. A desktop organizer can keep pens and post-its in order without overwhelming the space.

Utilize Paper Holders

Desktop paper holders and paper sorters are major office staples. These tools provide a simple way to hide all those papers lingering around your workspace while keeping your space neat and pleasing to the eye.

Maximize Your Storage Space

One obstacle to having a home office is that many people want the space to look more personal than what you might find in an office building. This can make designing the space tricky, but it doesn’t have to be!

At Chicago Closets & Cabinetry, we can help you create a home office with optimal storage solutions for a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Whether you use your home office as the hub for a business you own or as a place to pay the household bills, you need the right organization system to ensure you have a place for everything and remain on time and efficient with all your tasks.

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