Murphy Bed Installation For The Greater Milwaukee & Chicago Area

How many times have you wished you had a magic wand so you could make the bed in your spare bedroom disappear when you don’t have any guests in town? Just imagine how many uses there would be for that room if the bed wasn’t taking up all that space! From a study or library to a craft room and more, your extra bedroom could go to good use the vast majority of the year when no one comes to visit.

Good news — you don’t need that magic wand to make your wish come true! When you install a Murphy bed unit in your Chicago-area home, you can solve a myriad of space issues in a single move. These beds fold into the wall when they’re not in use, freeing up the center of your room for other uses. When your mother-in-law or college roommate leaves after the holidays, you could turn their bedroom into something else entirely.

Chicago Closets can help design the Murphy bed wall unit you need. Our custom designs turn any guest bedroom into a multi-functional space. Whether you want to gain an extra bedroom or more living space, Murphy beds offer the perfect solution to your room woes. And when you work with Chicago Closets, you get other advantages, too, including a quick installation that can be done in as little as seven business days.

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A Quick History of the Murphy Bed

Decades before we began installing custom wall beds in Chicago, a man named William Murphy was dating a woman in San Francisco in the late 1800s. Murphy could only afford a one-room apartment in the city. According to courtship guidelines at the time, women and men were not supposed to be together in a room that held a bed, putting a damper on Murphy’s plans to invite his girlfriend up to his apartment.

So he came up with an idea. Why not fold his bed into the wall when it wasn’t in use? Voila, the bed disappeared, and suddenly it became socially acceptable for him to spend time in his apartment with his girlfriend.

Murphy eventually married his girlfriend, and his bed concept caught on around the world. Today, Murphy beds make the ideal addition to small spaces such as studio apartments and guest rooms. They fold away to free up space in rooms where you need a bed for practical reasons but really don’t have the space to house it. When you add a Murphy bed, you give the room a dual purpose it otherwise couldn’t fulfill, just as Murphy himself envisioned more than a century ago.


Why Choose Chicago Closets to Put in Your New Murphy Bed?

We care about providing you with the design that fits your needs. We start each design cycle with a visit to your home, where we can see the space we’re working with and take measurements. We feed that information into our 3-D programming software, which allows us to work up a customized design for your Murphy bed system. You can see where the bed will come out and what the room will look like when it’s down or up.

We have helped many people find the extra space they need in their homes by making their rooms multitask. The benefits of using a Murphy bed include:

  • Less clutter in the middle of the room
  • Easier to fold up than a sofa bed
  • Comfort, since Murphy beds offer a great night’s sleep for your guests


The Benefits of Buying a Bed That Folds Into the Wall

You may have seen Murphy beds on TV shows or written about in books, but you might not have considered adding one to your home. You may wonder if it’s difficult to do. We can reassure you it is not. We have installed Murphy beds in Chicago-area homes of all sizes, in rooms on all different floors and in classic, traditional, country and other styles of houses.

You can enjoy many advantages when you purchase a custom wall bed for your home, too. Here are just a few reasons our beds make an excellent investment for homeowners across the Chicago area:

  • Giving you more places to put guests: Most homes could use more space when people come to visit. You don’t want to lose your entire living room to a guest — then you have nowhere to sit as you catch up.
  • Making an economical purchase: Murphy beds are affordable and pay off over the long haul, as you won’t have to pay for people to stay at hotels when they come to town.
  • Showing people you care: When you put guests on the floor or in a child’s room, it’s an impersonal way to host them. Giving them their own space and own room reflects your desire for them to relax and enjoy their time with you.
  • Allowing your home to adjust with you: Did you recently send a child off to college or into the real world? You undoubtedly want the space in their bedroom for everyday use, but you also want a place for them to stay when they return. A Murphy bed gives you the chance to do both.
  • Fitting your needs: Murphy beds are versatile. With different sizes, different styles and different setups available, one that works best for your particular space can be yours. Few pieces of furniture offer so many customization options.