Children’s Closet Design and Organization

You adore your children, but trying to keep their rooms clean has become a daily frustration. It seems as though their stuff is always strewn across beds, chairs and desks. They try to tidy up, but they don’t have enough storage space for everything they own.

Maybe it’s not your kids — maybe it’s their lack of closet space or organization that’s the problem. Children can become overwhelmed easily, and if they don’t know where to put something or can’t find the space for it, that item ends up on the floor. When kids know where to put their things, you get less mess.

Rescue your children’s room by consulting with Chicago Closets. We have a wealth of options to help unclutter your kids’ rooms, including custom children’s closet installation and closet organizers for children. We work with you to size up what your child’s room needs to restore order, and the process starts with an in-home consultation

We employ 3-D programming software during the visit to map out your vision for your child’s new closet. We also provide organizing tools and ideas to keep clothes, shoes, jewelry and more from spilling all over the room.

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The Benefits of Better Closets in Your Child’s Room

A new closet or organization in your child’s room gives you a chance to find a place for everything and show your child where those places are. When your kids understand what’s expected of them — for instance, putting their dress-up shoes back in the shoe row when they finish playing — they’ll do a much better job of keeping their rooms neat.

A closet organizing system or larger closet can also provide other advantages, such as:

  • Overflow storage space for the toys and books you don’t have room for in the toy room
  • Wrinkle-free clothes, which stay crisp and neat when they’re hung in a closet instead of stuffed in a dresser drawer
  • Distinct areas for different types of clothing, such as school, play and formal