You Can Have It All With Forterra

Remarkable strength and sophistication in a product engineered with thicker, longer designs never available before. Bold form and sustainability blended to bring you the best in modern storage and organization. It’s the New Forterra.

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Elegance and Functionality

Forterra is the choice for the astute homeowner who only wants the best in closet solutions, entertainment centers, desks, bookshelves and mudroom storage. The European-style looks are perfected with crisp, clean elegance and bold, long lines. Discerning clients who want beautiful, versatile and truly custom designs appreciate the next-level elements offered by Forterra panels.


The Strength Is in the Substance

The extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio is in the substance. Bonded skin panels contain an innovative honeycomb cell structure. The skin panels are more than double the thickness of the industry standard panel skins. Traditional composite panels sag without vertical support, but the exclusive design of Forterra allows surfaces to span up to 60” long horizontally and up to 2” thick.