Accessories Are the Heart of Customization for Closets and Home Storage

Customization of your closet and home storage system isn’t just about organization — it’s about personalization. Your closet should reflect your personal style as much as the wardrobe in it.

Home storage is about securing and protecting all the things that make you and your family unique. From the tools and trikes in the garage to the fabric and photo albums in the craft room, and from the backpacks and boots in the mudroom to the pasta and peanut butter in the pantry, these spaces make a house your home.

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The Garage

It’s not just for cars anymore! Your garage is an entry to your home, a shelter for sporting gear and a workshop for your tools. The design specialists at Chicago Closets can transform your garage by incorporating slotted walls to keep toys, tools and supplies off the floor; adding a personalized work station to match your interests in gardening, woodworking or car repair; or building elevated storage for protection against rain, moisture damage and snow melt. 

The Craft Room

Let your creative side shine in a space that is an uncluttered retreat. The Chicago Closets design team can integrate electrical access for your glue gun and sewing machine; add a fold-out work wing for extra work surface; use rods and racks for ribbon, fabric and wrapping paper; and so much more.

The Pantry

Your pantry can easily become an extension of your kitchen with the all the right accessories. The options are endless: add racks to hold your favorite wine and stemware, design a built-in nook for recycling bins to keep them convenient and out of the kitchen, or incorporate some glide-out shelves to gain access to the deepest part of your pantry.

The Mudroom

Streamline the morning rush and organize the coats, boots and book bags upon returning home by giving each family member their own cubby or locker; using wire baskets to dry damp mittens and gloves; adding hooks to stow totes, purses and scarves, or integrating benches to take a seat to put on shoes or set shopping bags.