Custom Craft Room Organization and Design

Your craft room is your oasis. It’s the place you go when you want to think, create and work things out in your head. You find the artistic process freeing, whether you’re scrapbooking or making a collage. But a craft room can go from relaxing to stressful when it gets too messy. The supplies you collect to make your crafts can quickly overtake the room, and it can be difficult to tame that chaos.

Do you find your paper becomes dirty or ripped when you leave it out? Have your stamp pads dried out when they’re left open? Are you constantly losing track of markers, scissors and felt? Don’t let your oasis get spoiled by clutter. Take the steps you need to shape up your crafting with craft room storage solutions from Chicago Closets.

We specialize in adding craft room storage cabinets and shelving that can keep all your supplies in order. That means no more buttons spilling over onto your craft table and no more bits of ribbon peeking out haphazardly from closed drawers. When you use organizing solutions from Chicago Closets, you can give your craft room a new look while also preserving the quality of the materials you use for your creations.

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Why Add Custom Storage to a Craft Room?

Craft rooms vary from big to small, and so it’s important to get a custom storage solution for your area that will fit your needs better than just buying a few generic shelving units at the store. You want storage that can grow and expand when you have a lot of projects in play or one of your children wants to help you craft. When you get custom storage, you make the craft room shelving and cabinets work for you rather than forcing premade units into your space.

Other benefits of using Chicago Closets for your storage needs include:

  • High-quality and durable materials up to an inch thick, which will keep your supplies safe
  • The ability to group crafting supplies by project, such as drawers devoted to scrapbooking that are sized differently from drawers devoted to knitting
  • Unexpected extras such as a place for tape, wrapping paper and bows to keep your wrapping supplies together