Custom Wardrobe Installations In the Greater Chicago & Milwaukee Areas

A beautifully constructed built-in wardrobe system can offer the perfect solution for homes that lack closet space. Whether you own a smaller house without much storage space or a bigger home constructed before walk-in closets became popular, you can use a wardrobe closet design to get you the extra room you so desire.

Wardrobes aren’t just limited to bedrooms, though. You can choose from any room in the home to add your new wardrobe, installing a nook in the laundry room to help corral ironing boards and sheets or adding one to an entryway to act as a landing place for kids’ backpacks and sports gear.

Chicago Closets can help you achieve your wardrobe vision. We provide on-site consultation services, allowing you to participate as we build a design for your wardrobe using 3-D programming software.

Our fast turnaround time — we can install your new bedroom, kitchen or other wardrobe storage system in as little as seven business days — makes us the convenient choice for busy modern families. We love seeing previously unused space transform into a functional, highly attractive new storage area in less time than it takes other companies to order their materials.

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How Adding a Wardrobe Can Improve Your Life and Your Home

Increasing the storage space in any home has two major benefits. First, it helps you organize your life. Your perfectly creased clothing will stay neat and clean when you store it in a wardrobe rather than smashing it into a dresser. Wardrobes give your most treasured items room to breathe. When your clothing sits on display in a bedroom wardrobe system, it’s also easier to pick out outfits and find the right accessories.

Second, a new wardrobe will also add value to your home. Anything you can do to improve your house will pay off down the road when you sell, and our wardrobes have other advantages, too:

  • We use high-end material that will impress potential buyers.
  • We offer options that will help your wardrobe blend seamlessly to the décor and design of the existing room.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty.

Wardrobes also make an attractive visual for anyone walking through your home. When you choose Chicago Closets to install your new wardrobe, you get a piece made from exceptional glass and other material that will enhance the look of any room. It will fit in so well, people will assume the wardrobe came with the original house.

Add Bedroom Wardrobe Storage You Love

One of the joys of home ownership is enjoying the freedom to improve your house so it fulfills all your dreams. Have you always wanted a custom wardrobe in your Chicago dwelling? Don’t let anything hold you back. You deserve the chance to see what greater organization can do for you.

Decluttering your bedroom by adding a new wardrobe can have many excellent payoffs beyond the obvious benefit of keeping your clothes neat. Getting organized and decluttering will help you feel calmer, more collected and more relaxed. You may even fall asleep more quickly without stressing over the clothing draped across the room. You also may prefer the clean appearance of your bedroom when you have a place for everything.

Plus, when you upgrade your space with bedroom wardrobe storage, you add a practical feature to your home, which will help when it comes time to sell. Buyers want homes that will gain value over time, and remodeling the wardrobe will accomplish that aim. It’s the type of improvement that stays in style forever. Years from now when you put the home on the market, buyers will appreciate that you cared enough to invest in the home’s future.

Your home is often the biggest purchase you make in a lifetime. You want it to have all the best amenities and design elements, customized to fit your preferences. Adding a wardrobe you help plan will ensure you continue to love your home for years to come.

Why Should You Choose Chicago Closets for Custom Wardrobes?

We offer many advantages over other Chicago- and Milwaukee-area closet companies. You will receive the best-quality product when you choose Chicago Closets for your custom wardrobe design. We use top-quality materials, and we believe in them so strongly that we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products. You want to choose a company that stands behind its products, which is one of our defining values.

We also give every client a free on-site consultation, where we show a 3D design of the system we envision installing in your house. You can ask us questions and request tweaks as we look at the layout together. We keep you informed every step of the way, from the initial consultation until you hang the final shirt in the finished wardrobe.

Other reasons to select Chicago Closets for your custom wardrobe closet include:

  • Exceptional financing offers
  • Lightning-fast turnaround — we can complete a job in as few as seven business days
  • Huge selection of color choices

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our customers throughout the Milwaukee and Chicago area, who have given us “excellent” reviews on Home Advisor. We strive to provide the type of standout service that will make people stay in touch over the years and recommend us to friends. Nothing speaks more highly of a company than those types of referrals.