Living in a cozy Chicago home or apartment can have a number of great perks, but unfortunately, ample storage space isn’t usually one of them. And when it comes to closets, even larger ones can get difficult to keep organized after enough time has gone by. So now you’ve cleaned out the closet and gotten rid of the clutter and junk, but you’re still not sure how you’re going to fit everything you need into this small space.

At Chicago Closets & Cabinetry, our professionals specialize in designing custom closet systems that help homeowners keep Chicago closets of all sizes well organized, and their belongings easy to access. Call us today to schedule a consultation and start building your custom designed closet, or read ahead to get started with some clever ideas for saving space in a smaller closet.

Know Your Wardrobe and Your Habits

As much as any other parts of your home, your closet is going to work best if it’s designed based on how you use it most. For instance, if you bunch socks, rather than rolling them, you know that you’ll need more space for socks. If you wear a tie every day, you’ll want tie storage with easy access, and if you own a lot of shoes, you’ll need a place to store them.

Think about how you’re going to use your new Chicago closet the most, and design the new closet system based on that.

Add Deep Drawers

When you’re looking to save space, deep drawers can be a huge help. They’ll allow you to keep anything you need to in your closet, and they could even help you reduce the amount of furniture you need in your bedroom. Additionally, deep drawers can be “spaced” if they need to be so that they’re easy to organize.

Maximize Floor-to-Ceiling Space

When you’re designing a new Chicago closet system, it’s very important to utilize all the space that you have, from top to bottom. A hideaway tie or belt rack can help you get the most out of the vertical space you have, and double-hangers can make room for plenty of great creative storage additions.

Anchor the Space with a Hutch

If you can, put a hutch in the center of your closet. You can use this to divide business from casual, to create “him-and-her” side, or to separate the space in any way that suits you. The main purpose of the hutch is to help you clearly define separate spaces so that organizing your smaller closet is much easier. You’ll have less clutter around, making both storage and access less of a problem.


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