Custom Closets for Any Room in Your Home

Have you ever seen a beautiful walk-in closet at someone else’s house and wondered how you could get one in your home? It’s easier than you might think! Don’t settle for the drab or tiny closets that came with your home when you can get custom closets installed in any room you want. Whether you need a closet to house your nice clothes for work or a cabinetry system for your entryway, you can get the custom-designed options you’ve always admired from Chicago Closets.

We specialize in building new closets or upgrading the ones already in your home. Our family-owned business has been serving families just like yours in the Chicago area for years, and we’re proud of the many ways we’ve helped them improve their living spaces. When you get a custom closet from us, you’re investing in a partnership that will increase the value of your home and aid you in becoming better organized.

We start by coming to your house and seeing the space you have available. We listen to your concerns and ideas and incorporate them into a vision for your particular space. Then we use our 3-D programming software to create a virtual image of what your new closet could look like. We work together to tweak our plans to meet your needs and address any concerns you may have.

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Closet Organizers and Installation for Your Chicago-Area Home

At Chicago Closets, we love seeing how a home can transform with the right storage space. If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed by clutter, a custom closet storage solution could help you regain control of your rooms. We can install closets and organizers in any room in your home, including:

We can even create storage solutions in your garage and other rooms where you might not usually think of adding closets. Every room can benefit from additional cabinets and bins to store things in. It’s incredible how much clutter can build up in a room when you don’t monitor it — and how easy it is to corral that clutter in a custom-designed closet system.

Bedroom Custom Closet Solutions

A bedroom closet upgrade can transform your life. That is not an exaggeration. Having too much clutter can overwhelm you. Clothing spilling out of drawers, shoes piled under the bed, suits jammed onto a closet rod — all that mess makes you tense. It can be hard to relax when you have so much going on around you, yet you need your bedroom to be a soothing space where you can rest.

By decluttering your living space, giving everything its own space and organizing your belongings, you will find yourself feeling calmer. You gain control over your bedroom, ensuring your beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories will stay neat and clean. You can also find things much more easily when you know your favorite pumps are on a rack below the ties or in a certain colored bin.

Possibilities for your Chicago custom closet organization remodel include:

  • A wall system for your shoes: When your shoes sit on the ground, you tend to forget about their dazzling properties. Putting them at eye level helps you remember. Many celebrities use this approach to remind them what is in their collection.
  • Drawers for jewelry and other accessories: It makes sense to keep your jewelry with your clothing so you can pull out different combinations to see how they look with different outfits.
  • Island storage: Put the items you use most in a prominent spot you can access with ease each morning.

Wardrobes You Can Enjoy

Many people underestimate the amount of clothing they own. They try to fit it all into a small closet and dresser, and by doing so, they end up with wrinkled or faded fabric. To protect your clothing and keep it in good condition for years to come, you need Chicago custom closets.

The closet that came with your home was not made with you in mind. One-size-fits-all may work for some things, but closets are not one of them. You need a space built to your specifications to store the things most important to you.

We offer wardrobe solutions that will give your clothing room to breathe. We think beyond the traditional closet layout. We use the space from floor to ceiling to find an efficient but attractive way to store your clothing. Just a few ideas we can implement for your wardrobe include:

  • Glass doors on a wardrobe: This keeps your clothing neat and sets the most special items apart from your other outfits
  • Tops and bottoms stored together: The days of having to search for shirts that go with a certain suit or a blouse that matches a skirt are over. We can store these combinations together, so you always know what you have available to wear.
  • High and low hanging rods: We use every inch of space in your closet.

Treat Yourself to a Custom Pantry Closet Makeover

Chicago Closets’ expertise spans well beyond bedrooms. Have you ever dreamed of a pantry where everything is labeled, organized and fits neatly into place? A disorganized pantry area can lead to spoiled or spilled food.

Getting a new pantry can add new life to your kitchen and get you excited about cooking. It may even encourage healthier habits when you know you have storage space for staples such as beans, lentils, pasta, and sweet potatoes.

What makes for a great pantry? We can build one to suit your kitchen. That could mean turning an adjacent room into the pantry, expanding an existing one, or creating a new one. We work with you to determine what your greatest storage needs are, and we draw up plans based on your preferences. The result is a space that’s both attractive and practical.

Pantry space should allow you more flexibility at the grocery store. Just imagine your home with some of these additions:

  • Drawers to store paper towels, so you have them close by when you need refills
  • Pull-out shelves to stow away appliances such as mixers, waffle makers and rice machines
  • A wine cabinet to hold your favorite vintages

Custom Storage in Your Garage

Many people notice clutter gathering in their garage. As the most out-of-the-way spot in the home, a place where guests seldom enter and family members spend limited time, the garage often becomes a dropping point for sports and gardening equipment, tools, holiday decorations and more.

Because they’re important to you, you want to ensure all those items stay protected. Dropping them on the garage floor can cause damage. Installing cupboards, drawers or shelving will improve your organization and keep your possessions safe. We can lay out so many possibilities for this space, including:

  • Wall hooks for bikes
  • Pull-out wastebaskets
  • Drawers to store small things such as nails

We use the same high-quality materials in the garage as we do in other areas of the home. Our exceptional hardware options, for instance, will look just as classy. No matter what part of your house we update, our mission remains the same — to give you beautiful and functional improvements you will use in your daily life. We want you to smile every time you see your new garage space or any other storage or organization projects we tackle in your Chicago- or Milwaukee-area home.

Style That Matches Your Own

We have a neverending well of ideas, and we love using them to find options that will complement your existing décor. The closet we install may not be original to the house, but no one walking through your bedroom, garage or personal spaces will know that. They will see how beautifully it holds your possessions and how well it matches the other décor, and they will assume it was part of the first design.

Our clients choose from a variety of color options. Many pick Forterra, a modern solution that is thick and durable. It fits into any room and gives you the highest quality of construction. Plus, the unique design and durability ensure you will enjoy your new closet for a long time to come.