Children's Closet Design & Installation in Chicago

When you’re a parent, it’s challenging enough to find time to keep your own space organized, let alone your child’s. Especially when it comes to the closet, where clothes, shoes, and toys always somehow end up piled high in haphazard stacks, attempting to maintain some order of cleanliness can be frustrating.

The truth is, if you spend some extra time and energy setting up a kid-friendly closet organization system now, you can save a lot of headache in the future and start teaching your kids how to stay tidy on their own. Start with these organization hacks to help you and your child make the most of their closet!

Provide easy access.

The easiest way to maintain an organized system in your kid’s closet is with their help! Set things up so that children can easily grab and return things to their proper place in the closet. Double rods are a great way to maximize hanging space and keep favorite and most-used clothing at their level. Underneath, use drawers, shelving, bins, and cubbies to store essentials like shoes, socks, and underwear that can easily be reached.

Group and label items.

When items are quick and easy for your child to find, they’re much less likely to rip apart their closet searching for something. Organize like items together (i.e. pants on this side, shirts on that side) and label drawers, shelves, and other storage pieces clearly, so they know exactly where to look for whatever they need. You can label everything with a category name, picture, or even color code!

Personalize their closet to them.

Kids are more likely to keep their closet organized if it feels like their own personal space. Designing and decorating a custom closet together will get them excited and make them want to put in the effort to make it look nice. All it takes is something small, like painting the walls or door their favorite color or hanging a favorite poster. Let them choose cool hangers or drawer handles and add a few unique decorations or accessories that reflect their personality.

At Chicago Closets & Cabinetry, one of our many specialties is designing, installing, and organizing custom children’s closets that help tame their mess and maintain your sanity! The closets we create have a place for everything and are outfitted with adjustable organization tools designed to adapt to your child’s needs as they grow.

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