Garage Storage Hacks

If you aren’t careful, your garage can become overrun by junk. It’s tempting to toss out-of-season sports equipment, yard tools, cleaning supplies and more in your garage, only to find these things pile up quickly. Before you know it, the entrance to the garage is blocked and you can’t squeeze your car in.

You can regain control of your space with a few simple garage storage solutions. By implementing these ideas, you can organize the space and enjoy a better-looking garage to boot.

Hang Supplies on the Wall

Brooms, squirt bottles and painting supplies clutter up your garage. However, you don’t want to suck up valuable cabinet space with these materials, which you may use frequently. Instead, hang them on the wall. Have a holder installed that matches the cabinetry in your garage. Be sure to include enough space for hanging:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Dustpans
  • Paper towels

With these items off the floor, they will take up way less space and give you more flexibility.

Corral Your Cords and Hoses

Cords and hoses can easily stake out dozens of square feet in your garage when they are left to languish. Instead of letting them sit around forever, wrap them up in an organized fashion. You can store them in cabinetry when they are neatly tied up.

Install a Towel Rack for Clamps

If you do a lot of work around the home, chances are you use a clamp to assist you with odd jobs. Give these clamps a new home by installing a towel rack to the side of your tool rack, and hang the used clamps from them. The open part of the clamp will drape perfectly over the towel holder.

Make Bins for Gardening Gear

When you dig in the dirt, you need gloves to protect your hands and trowels to help you turn it over. If you are an avid gardener, having a station with all your gardening supplies can not just help tidy up the garage, but also protect your investment in that gear.

Add Lockers for Flammables and Chemicals

You need a garage storage system with shelving that can keep dangerous substances out of harm’s way, especially if you have children or pets who might get into these things. A locker offers an ideal solution to your problem. You can store these goods inside and close the door, meaning others in the home won’t see what’s inside. Use lockers for:

  • Gas for the lawnmower
  • Paints and paint removers
  • Weed killer
  • Insect spray

Put in a Workshop for Your Tools

A garage workshop offers the perfect way to not just tidy up your tools, but also get things done. Imagine having a place where you can perform all the tasks you usually do outside. You can add storage for hammers, nails, washers and more, and you will always know exactly where to find these things.

Using these garage storage shelving hacks can keep your garage organized and reduce the time you spend cleaning. Contact Chicago Closets to implement any of these practical ideas.


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