Creating A Craft Room 

With more time to spend at home, many people have begun to explore their hobbies and passion projects. Whether you have an established craft or are still learning your interests- you will need a place to practice and work on your projects. 

Here are a few tips for creating a craft room: 

Choose The Right Room

Be sure to find a room that can accommodate all the materials you will be working with. Some options for this area can be your garage, attic, basement, or spare bedroom. If possible, try to choose a room that has plenty of natural light. If you cannot use natural light, be sure there is space for an adequate light source. Once you find the right room, thoroughly clean the area before bringing in your craft materials. Starting with a clean slate will help you look at the room with fresh eyes and help completely transform it.  

Map Out Your Workspace 

Many crafters work at a desk. The large flat surface provides the perfect workspace to complete projects. Choose a desk that is both wide and long enough, with a height that is comfortable to sit at for long periods of time. If you will be standing, invest in a quality mat that will provide cushion and support while you work. 

Make It Personal 

Customize your space with wall art, or trinkets, or other design elements that motivate and inspire you.

Smart Organizing 

When working on projects, it is easy for your workspace to start looking a little chaotic. The process is not always tidy, but it is crucial to have quality organizing solutions to help put it all back together once you are finished. A great organizer makes it easy to find things and creates a space for every item. 

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