Closet Organizing Tips for 2020

With the new year underway, now is a great time to stay on top of those new year’s resolutions. Many people want to stay more organized this year, but don’t know where to begin. A great place to start is with your closet! For many people, their closet is where they begin their day. They quickly get ready, shuffle through clothes, get dressed and rush off to start the day. For some, this process can be hectic, especially with a messy closet.

When your closet is a mess, it is difficult to find clothes and get ready for the day.

Save time and space with these easy organizational tips:

Donate unused items– If you have items that you have not used for 6-12 months, chances are you may not need them. Go through your closet and find any items that you no longer need. You can either donate or sell them.

Hack your hangers– With this simple closet saver, you can maximize your closet space by hanging your clothing on more than one hanger. This allows for more horizontal space in your closet. You can also use pant hangers that allow you to hang multiple pairs of pants on one hanger.

Store out of season items– If you still have your bathing suits or other summer clothes out, now is a good time to tuck those away. You can store out of season clothing in large Ziploc bags. Be sure to remove all the air for easy storage.

Use storage boxes– If you have a bunch of items spilling out of your closet like hats, scarves, and other accessories, you may want to place them in storage bins. This is an easy way to remove clutter. Be sure to categorize and label your storage bins so the items can be easily found.

Organizing your closet is a great way to start the new year strong. It will make your morning routine much easier, and help you improve your daily organizational skills. Closet Organizing Tips for 2020

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