Woman making a Murphy bed in a multifunctional living space

The idea for a wall bed had been around in various forms for a few decades before the famous William Murphy made the design popular in the early 1900s. Murphy’s specific folding bed design became so loved and admired that people started calling it the Murphy bed.

Over time, Murphy beds have come a long way in style, safety, and functionality. They are perfect for small living spaces and can be used in various rooms or settings.

Here are a few reasons you should own a Murphy bed and why you will never regret investing in one.

Creates a Multipurpose Space

Almost any room in your home can benefit from the versatility of a Murphy bed. With the holidays in full swing, you might have some house guests that plan on staying several days. The Murphy bed allows you to turn your office or family room into an extra sleeping space. You don’t need a dedicated guest bedroom to allow overnight stays. These beds can be easily hidden in the wall during the day, blending into your décor.

Saves You Money

When it comes to a fold-up wall bed, you can forego a box spring. A Murphy bed uses a platform base, meaning you only need a mattress, cutting the costs of purchasing box springs.

Adding a horizontal Murphy bed to a room is a great way to save money and space in a small living environment. If you choose to leave it open, it could act as a bed at night and a couch throughout the day.

 Matches Your Home Design

A Murphy bed comes in a wide range of designs to match your current furniture and décor. You can schedule a consultation with a Murphy bed installer to create a custom bed that will fit in perfectly with your style and needs. A professional installer will customize anything, from the type of wood used to storage options and custom cabinetry around your bed.

These timeless beds are a practical way to save you space and money in any living environment. They are simple to operate, and you can even build a Murphy bed yourself! Chicago Closets & Cabinetry can provide you with the best Murphy bed for your space and will work with you on customizing it to perfection. Be ready for your guests this holiday season and add some functionality to your home design.


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