Custom Pantry Closet Systems

A well-stocked pantry offers an ideal way to save time on meal preparation and other food-related tasks. Forget to thaw something for dinner? Reach in the pantry for that extra box of spaghetti you hid away for just such an occasion. Not sure you have time to cut up artichoke hearts for your dinner party appetizer? Grab a can from the pantry and save a few minutes. Forgot to buy the postgame snacks for your child’s soccer tournament? Don’t worry, you always have extra granola bars lining the pantry shelves.

Of course, you’ll never find any of those things if your pantry is a disorganized disaster. Haphazardly stacking cans, boxes and bottles can be dangerous. It also can eat up extra space in your pantry and make it difficult to search for what you need. You’ll waste time instead of saving it when your pantry lacks shelving or bins.

Stop cursing your pantry and talk to Chicago Closets about how custom shelves and cabinets can ease your frustrations. A closet system that allows you to see everything you have in stock will help you keep on top of what should be replaced and where the items you need right away are stored. Plus, we can install your custom kitchen storage system in up to seven business days, meaning you won’t have to wait long to get your newly organized pantry.

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Why Use Custom Kitchen Cabinetry?

Not all pantries are created equal. Some occupy large rooms, while others are little more than a converted broom closet. That’s why mass-produced kitchen cabinets and other organization systems don’t work for pantries. You need something that’s made to fit your space, keeping your unique needs in mind.

For instance, if you have a family member with an allergy, it’s important to keep their items away from the others so they don’t become contaminated. With the services of Chicago Closets, you can design a pantry system that keeps those needs in mind while organizing all of your food.

Other benefits to buying custom pantry closet systems from us include:

  • An initial meeting where we look at your space and show you virtual design ideas with our 3-D programming software.
  • Use of top-quality materials — up to one inch thick — that will stand up to the rigors of kids grabbing items off your shelves.
  • Drawers and bins that allow you to see at a glance what you have available, allowing you to make accurate shopping lists.