Custom Garage Organization Systems for the Greater Chicago and Milwaukee Areas

Too often, garages become a graveyard for half-empty bottles of wiper fluid, rusty nails, lawnmowers and nearly empty sacks of plant food. That’s a shame, because garages should serve as the outdoor extension to your home. They have the space and the accessibility to serve as an excellent place for storage, but they often lack the organization that would make them functional.

When you install a custom garage organizing system, such as closets, shelving or cabinets, you can turn what’s likely an afterthought into one of the most important rooms in your house. Imagine putting all your tools together in one drawer, carving out a shelf for the old planters and gardening equipment that now languishes against a wall and finally having a place to corral the many light bulbs and batteries littered on different floors throughout the house.

You can do all that and more when you get garage closet organizers from Chicago Closets. We work with you to determine your garage’s organizational needs. Then we map out solutions tailored to your home and the dimensions of your garage, using our 3-D programming software to show you precisely what you can expect from our organizing systems.

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The Benefits of Installing a Custom Garage Cabinet System

Just like snowflakes, no two garages are alike. Perhaps you use yours as a storage area where you pile holiday decorations and old soccer cleats. Maybe you store paint from last year’s kitchen makeover in your garage, or perhaps you even have workout equipment taking up space instead of a second or third car.

Whatever you prefer to use your garage for, we can help mold the space to fit your desires. When you tidy up your garage with new storage options, you even ensure better safety for your family. You can keep potentially dangerous lawn chemicals away from young kids and pets and reduce the risk of spills, breaks and other hazards that can happen when a garage becomes too cluttered.

When you work with Chicago Closets, you also get:

  • Exceptionally well-made materials with one-inch thickness that will stand the test of time
  • A fast turnaround time of as little as seven business days, accommodating your busy schedule
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Financing options to fit your needs